Magnetic Pen

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One Of The Most Amusing Pens You Will Find On The Market

People from all over the world are going crazy over this trend. The magnetic pen that relieves you of boredom!

Made with high-strength magnets that allow you to reshape, remake, or reform a whole entire new pen!!!

This amazing pen can be used a stylus as well as a traditional office pen.

Easy to assemble and pull apart allowing you to apply your creativity as a pen or desk toy.


Perfect Gift Idea -  This amazing magnetic gift would be perfect for any artist , Everyday-Carry enthusiast, or anyone who just loves cool gear.

Multi-use - Can be used to draw on paper, a fun desk-toy to make time go by, or as a stylus on touch-screen devices.

Fun and Creative - 13 steel magnetic tubes you can pull apart at anytime and transform into any creation you put your mind to.

Ultimate Fidget Tool - Make over 100+ combinations to your content with the 3 executive colors available, 2 tips, 1 pen clip, 13 rate-earth magnets, and 12 metal bearing balls!


  • 13 rate-earth magnets
  • 12 metal bearing ball
  • Traditional Pen Clip
  • Stylus Tip and Pen Tip
  • Blank ink Cartridge