Easy Access To Your Vehicle's Roof is Just an "SUV DOORSTEP"
Easy Access To Your Vehicle's Roof is Just an "SUV DOORSTEP"


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Every 4wdriver should have an SUV Doorstep

Easy access to your vehicle's roof is just an "SUV Doorstep" away.

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Funny Talking Hamster
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It is a good product. Really suits me because I carry a lot of stuff on my roof. Another option that pivots or swings out sideways would be good as well. This one on the inside of the door post is quite confining, close to the vehicle. Maybe we could make one that swings out.xt

Geoffrey Hubbard (AU)

I did briefly try it out with my wife and then me on it yesterday.  She weighs about 120lbs and I'm about 230lbs and it held up.good no flexing in the metal and no damage from the device because the rubber cover. Very good design I can see it being very wife to access the roof

Jakob Parsons (US)

It held just fine I could reach across the top of the runner. I do like the window breaker on the end in Case something happens cause when wheeling you never know. It doesn't scratch the paint as it has rubber on the back side 

Trisha Ann (US)

Well put together product, it does everything it's supposed to do.


Roger Dark (AU)

This is so neat and easy. Every 4wdriver should have one. It makes accessing your roof rack so much easier and safer.

4wd TV

You get what you pay for! In this case its excellence. Very bright compared to other reflective tapes I've purchased. Best Reflection Tape

Grumpy G.

Heavy duty and easy to install. I used these to get our two wheel drive van out of our very steep icy driveway.